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Papageno was my first Doberman and was well known throughout the Doberman community in his latter years as 'Grand Papageno.'  He lived a very long, happy life and I miss him.  Papageno was one of the very few Dobermans to see age 15 and was still still showing in rally and obedience trails at age 14.

I raised Papageno from a seven week old puppy.  On more than one occasion, people accused me of over socializing him because he was such an outgoing smoozer.  He could get treats or attention out of just about anybody.  On the list of people Papageno got treats out of was a conformation judge at the 2004 DPCA national specialty.  It isn't uncommon for any judge to hand out treats, but it is very rare for them to hand out treats in the ring!  Yes, Papageno knew exactly how to work his gray muzzle.

By the way, Papageno always won the spoiled dog contests.  The picture to the left is one of the reasons why!


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